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I'm like Rapunzel but my hair has been cut short and the curtains on my tower window have been sewn shut.
I'm like Cinderella but there is no beauty, no prince, and no happy endings. I fear that I am
like Belle but the Beast is within myself screaming horrid things at me telling me to  leave.
Is no one meant for a happy ending or is it just me
Sitting alone in my tower I sit and I weep
Why won't anyone come save me
Can anyone see the pain in me
Maybe I should bite the poison apple
Maybe I should remain in eternal sleep
There is no such thing as true love
My prince will never come
Maybe I should bite the apple
Maybe I shouldn't exist
Maybe I should stay like this forever in pieces
Was I ment to be put back together or was I ment to be torn apart
Just like my broken heart
put me back together or cut yourself trying
this is not fair is it
just let me die
wheres my happy ending...
my best fraind wrote this with me When she bite down but you still nut 
on my way to my new home i was taken over by the astonishing view of the night sky it was amazing, nothing like i had ever seen before. snapped out of my of my daze by my growling belly. i look around looking for any thing to eat at all i had been walking for hours looking for this stupid place and, the first thing i see a knock off McDonald's i moved from (Home land) to japan like i always wanted to, so a McDonald's was no big deal. as i pull my (H,C) hair into a messy pony tail i walk in greeted by a slit eyed man and a cheerful young girl in pig tails. the man with the slit eyes seemed young 19 or maybe 20,and the girl looked like she was a bit younger.

"welcome to mgronalds what can i get you." the slit eyed man came over too great me.his eyes there red not a bright red but a dark almost brown kind of red.

"hmm... just a burger and a (fav. drink)."

"coming right up!" he said happily walking back to make my order.

"your not from here are you." the young girl in pig tail said to me.

"what do you mean." i ask slightly confused tilting my head to the right just a little. just asking this question made the poor girl flustered.

" mean-well you jus-." she said stuttering giggling i answer her question.

"its okay," is say with a slight chuckle." your right i'm not from around here i just moved here from (home land)."i said cheerfully i was about to add on but then the slit eyed man came up with my order.

"here you go mam anything else?" he asked with a big smile.

i stopped to think and then i realized they live around here maybe they might know where my god forsaken house is so, with all the courage i could muster i ask the slit eyed man for help.

"um...yes actually do you know where this place is." i asked showing him the small piece of paper with my address on it bowing my head in embarrassment. after a minute or two he looked up again and said,

"yes i live in the same building my shift ends in ten minutes i can walk you there." he said sweetly grinning at me.

i breath out a sigh of relief "oh my gosh thank you!"

"no problem." he points over to the corner both next to the window. "why don't you sit over there i'll come get you once my shift is over is that okay?"

"yes that's perfect, thank you again." i say bowing to him. "but are you sure that its not a problem?"

"none at all." with that i walked over to the both he said.

i cant believe that I've only been here a few hours and i got lost,but its fine i never been anywhere like this. i look out side and look at all the neon lights and cars that line the streets.i'm extremely tired ,but good thing i got my aunt to ship my things here. my aunt is twenty years old as of next month. its the middle of august now its not to bad really the leaves are changing their colors and falling off their trees. ever i was just a little girl i can remember playing outside until the sun went down,then when i was about ten the bullies changed that, i would go outside and have to run back because i was scared for my life. i would sneak out at night but all i ever saw was the moon no matter how far i ran how hard i tried i couldn't get away from the fact i was hatted, but here is different no one would knows me i can start over and not screw it up this time. since i'm out of school bullies are not a problem i'm only 18 but i skipped a few grades this is one of the very meany reasons i was picked on.i continued to drift in and out of reality i was snapped back by the man with red eyes asking me,

"are you ready miss?" the man with the red eyes asked me. we walked out front and he grabbed his bike and walked along side me, and after a few moments of silence i finely spoke up.

" thanks again mr.'' i said following him down the road.

"no need to thank me mam.'' he turned to me then asked, "if you don't mind may i have your name?''

"oh well my names (F,N) (L,N) and you?''
" oh well i'm sadao maou you can call me maou."

"ok..maou thank you."

we walked in silence for the a wile until we came to a overpass and i stopped.

"ms.(F,N) are you alright." maou asked me concerned.

 "oh.. yes im fine shall we continue?"

he nodded and continued walking but i know i saw it im not sure what it was ,but it was there and it had giant black wings. trying to decode what i saw i didn't notice how long we traveled i was soon interrupted by a overly ecstatic voice.  

"where here!'' he said his arms sprawled out like it was a plaice was behind him.

" this cant be right!?" i said extremely confused. "my aunt said luxury this is the not luxury!?"

"this is the image of luxury!" hes said with confidence,hand on his chest. "welcome to my castle!" he went on about something but if i all i could think is this is where im gonna live. before i could cry in disappointment and fear he asked.

''Would you like to come meet my roommates (F,N)''
urushihara X reader
sorry its not very goodbunneh icon17  but i worked really hard on it i hope you like it if you would like more please tell meEne (Smile) [V7] 
as the sky leaves you eyes
and it floats of from you sight
as your dreams pass you by
and the tear falls from you eye
think of her at night
a mind broken and torn
never shall be put together
don't let light pass you by
for you dreams wont last all night
if you turn away right now
every thing comes crashing down
watch you mind all fall apart at the seams
it was all just a dream
a old poem (like a year old )
this is an old poem i wrote thoght since i had a a computer for today i would post somthing this pome has no real meanning ( its not verry ggod soo... yah)bunneh icon17 

so its open for interpretion 
we came back from the woods hand in hand all of the scouts had to have been thar we must have been missed for every one to stand there to wate we where gone for  at lest a hole day
"F,N ARE YOU OK' a very crazy women asked me.
'yes hanji im fine'
"YAAAAAAA!!" every one screamed 
"please stop...."

"F,n are yo-" i  felt dizzy

"f,n whats wrong"

*gasp* wha- where im i
 "HQ f,n you fanted"


" ye-" i cut him off


                                                                                Armin's POV

i dont like seeing her like this so i huged her and tryed my best to confert the girl holding on too me for dear life

" its ok everything is fine i wont leave you untill the very end" all she said was



                                                              i promise


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